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The context

Tentoo offers payrolling and administration services for freelancers and artists. The Tentoo brand is already well-established in the Netherlands, but wanted to raise brand awareness in Belgium.

The strategy

We want to position Tentoo as a solid partner for the freelancer and/or artist. Tentoo is not just about outsourcing your administration, Tentoo wants to help you achieve your professional goals. That is a firm promise, a promise we took quite literally for this campaign. The starting point was to find out how we could really help the creative professional, other than by managing his paperwork.

Tentoo’s Facebook fanbase went from 200 to 2500


The execution

Question: what is a creative professional always looking for? Answer: money. Money to fund his or her career dreams, of course. So we organised a competition to reward the best, most funny, most creative projects with a cash prize. That way, we were helping projects get off the ground and were making sure career goals were met. We chose Facebook as the central medium for its viral nature. People could submit their projects via a facebook tab, share and promote it on Facebook etc…

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Media purchase, development of facebook app voting platform, creation and website

creative professionals, artists & free-lancers

The contest mechanism was designed to go viral: participants promoted their projects via social media, thus spreading the word among their friends.

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