A promo movie in slow-motion,
with a lot of emotion

The context

Nitto Europe develops high quality chemicals for industrial purposes. Their Belgian plant is literally grown together with the Genk region and is therefore a long-time sponsor of KRC Genk football team. In return, Nitto receives visibility inside the stadion, amongst other via a video playing on the main score board. This video was in need of a makeover for the season ’15-16′.

The strategy

The enthusiasm for KRC Genk can – almost literally – be within the Nitto walls. This video captured the enthousiasm and provided in the meantime with a ‘look behind the screens’ at Nitto: we wanted to show the people and surroundings that make Nitto a caring employer who is proud of its employees.

The execution

Perfect lighting and just the right high speed camera enabled us to capture every millisecond of emotion in great detail. An enthusiastic group of colleagues from every division and department, did the rest.

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•Production of a 30 second promofilm, shot in slowmotion
• Also available as a longer version for Nitto’s narrowcasting channel

16 April 2014

visitors of KRC Genk stadium
• Visitors of Nitto's Genk office

This clip shows the love story between KRC Genk and the Nitto employees

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