An original approach on starting a positive debate on alcohol consumption

We created a pop-up bar that served non-alcoholic and low-alcoholic drinks.

The context

How do we kickstart the debate concerning smarter alcohol consumption among students and youngsters? That is the question that several organisations from Leuven asked us to solve.

The strategy

We set out to create a campaign that would not simply point the finger towards alcohol as a culprit, but, on the contrary, would prove that you can have the time of your life, even without alcohol. We believed that to be the best approach for our target audience: students and young people. We also believed it would be important to concentrate our efforts within a given period to maximize visibility and share of voice during the campaign.

The execution

When you set out to prove that you can have a great time without alcohol, the best way to go, we believed, is to create a (physical) space where you can do just that. NapLap, a temporary pop-up bar, opened its doors on the Oude Markt of Leuven, which is nicknamed the longest bar in the world. The bar would be the home of organizations from Leuven during a whole month. This concept immediately garnered a lot of press coverage from Belgian and international press.

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Concept, design and execution of a temporary pop-up bar

Students & young adults from the region of Leuven

We succesfully convinced young people that it was possible to have fun without alcohol - and attracted lots of media attention in the process.

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