M magazine

Art direction and design of the
b2b M magazine

The briefing

Mobistar and its content agency partner Cypres strongly believe in the power of content: they focus to create thought leadership in the telecom market. The M magazine is an important print tool in this strategy.

The execution

We are, together with and on behalf of Cypres, responsible for the art direction and design of the magazine. We take part in the editorial meeting, brief the photographers and execute the lay-out from a to z. Our design focuses on high quality photography and excellent readability to attract the reader and keep him interested. We know our reader has little time: our design facilitates quick scanning and helps make sure the content gets read.

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art direction and design of the magazine

Mobistar’s B2B clients

We design the M magazine in a way that it helps attract the reader’s eye and keep his attention as long as possible.

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