A one-to-one winter campaign

We created a ‘magalogue’, with high quality visuals to promote Mercedes-Benz’s accessories.

The context

Mercedes-Benz communicates regularly with its customers by means of direct mailings and POS material at the dealer’s. For their winter campaign this year, they wanted to promote no less than three offers: their range of Original Accessories, their tire selection and their Winter Check-up.

The strategy

Communicating three distinct messages in one mailing is not an easy task. We needed a direct mail concept that was attractive for the reader and would offer lots of space. The magalogue, a blend of magazine and catalogue, soon emerged as the winning concept: we could tell a visually stunning story about the Mercedes-Benz lifestyle while at the same time having plenty of space for Mercedes-Benz’s products and promotions.

The execution

We opted for a 12-page magalogue in a small A5 format in order to keep postage costs down. We combined it with a transparent blister to make sure the beautiful cover visual would stand out immediately in the letterbox. Based on the messages in the magalogue, we developed a variety of POS material including posters and a narrowcasting video.

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Concept, design and production of direct mailing and POS material to communicate Mercedes-Benz’s winter promotion.

Existing Mercedes-Benz clients

This mailing found the right balance between brand building and product push. We told a visually stunning story about the Mercedes-Benz lifestyle while still communicating information about products and promotions.

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