A tasty promotion

Stimulating customers's taste buds through tasty premiums with high perceived value.


The context

Manutan is one of the largest office & workshop suppliers in Belgium. They communicate regularly with their clients but were looking for a campaign that would stand out and deliver short-term (sales) results in September. Our communication therefore had to be very action-oriented and deliver short-term results. What’s more, we needed to work quickly: we had no more than two weeks between the initial briefing and the postdrop of the printed mailing.

The strategy

How do you convince key decision makers to place an order for office supplies? Not in a few weeks, not at some vague point in the future, but right now? We decided to reward customers who spent a minimum amount with a prize with a high-perceived value. Or better still: four prizes. And because we all know that Belgians have a soft spot for fine food, we looked for the best artisan treats to share with colleagues (or eat all by yourself.)

The execution

We opted for email communication because of its speed and efficiency. Each 100% Belgian artisan product (Cuberdons by Geldhof,  Dolfin chocolats,  Generous bio biscuits, Dandoy biscuits with almonds) was presented in a dedicated email with a matching promotional code. We rounded the campaign off with a printed self-mailer to inactive customers, who received a combined offer. Are you curious to know which prize worked best?  Invite us for a quick company presentation and we’ll tell you a little bit more about this case study. You can count on us to bring some cookies.

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Concept, design and production of direct mailing and four emails to communicate Manutan's September promotion.

Emails: active clients in small & medium-sized businesses.
• Direct mailing: passive clients in small & medium-sized businesses.

Our concept offered customers prizes with a high-perceived value at relatively low actual cost. The gifts could be shared at the office, encouraging people to talk about the experience.

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