A waiting contest which makes dijkdrie the talk of the town

 The briefing

Dijkdrie is an interior design shop from Wijgmaal that was planning to move to Leuven. Rather than simply announce the move, the two co-owners wanted to do something a little bit more… memorable.

The strategy

We all know people have been known to stand in line to be among the first to buy or try a new product (yes, I am talking about you, phone). And we all know that the sole fact that people are standing in line, creates a buzz in the media and gets noticed. We figured that dijkdrie’s new shop deserved at least as much attention, maybe even more. So we created our own little waiting line: a waiting line that would reward its most patient user with a great prize.

The execution

We developed a waiting contest, where people could join the waiting queue for the opening of the new shop. They would not have to stand in line, outside in the rain, but sit in a cosy design sofa by new Belgian brand Moome, inside the shop that was awaiting completion. The whole sitting marathon would be streamed live to the internet and viewers could join a contest to guess who would win the Moome sofa.

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