Axa Belgium

A ‘change management’
communication campaign.

A customer hero fighting for
change for the good of the client.

The briefing

AXA Belgium is doubling down on customer service and launched the internal Customer Focus program, challenging employees to rethink the way they work and the level of service they provide to their customers. The aim of the communication campaign was to raise awareness of this Customer Focus program, retain attention during almost an entire year and communicate various ‘best practices’ to achieve a higher level of customer service.

The strategy

Stimulating people to do something, especially change their habits, is one of the hardest things to achieve. That was a key insight during the development of the campaign. It led us to conclude that a classical “this is how you should do it” message would simply not work. Instead of telling people what to do – or worse: pointing the finger – we wanted to encourage and reward people.

The execution

That’s why, true to our storyteller nature, we came up with a good story to do just that. We figured that everyone doing their best to help customers should be considered a ‘Customer Hero’. Heroes, because they were helping the client with their problems, and because they were helping AXA as a company to improve. This hero (or better: his illustrated stunt double) thus became our leading character in a comic book-like campaign. All year long, the Customer Hero would be battling his arch enemies in animated videos and on the screens in the AXA offices. Meanwhile, the hunt would be opened to reveal the true identity of our masked customer hero.

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art direction and character design
* design and animation of 3 animated videos
design of posters, leaflets,… for the internal campaign

Axa’s employees

All psychologists will agree: making people change their habits and the way they work is one of the hardest things to do. We stimulated change among AXA employees by illustrating best practices in a fun way and acknowledging them as true customer heroes for their efforts.

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