AG Insurance

Making people think twice about the way they handle their finances


 The briefing

AG Insurance wanted to make people more aware of their investment options. Rates on savings accounts are historically low but many people are still hesitant to invest in the stock market. With the help of its extensive network of brokers, AG Insurance has developed an investment solution that combines the benefits of investing in the stock market with a convenient layer of security and guidance.

The strategy

What if we were to look in the mirror and evaluate the way we handle our personal finances? We may believe that we are behaving rationally, but are we actually doing so? There is nothing rational about keeping your money in a savings account where it loses value. So it’s time to act. In 2015 it’s time to expect a better return on your money.

The execution

We developed four very familiar consumer stories, told by men and women just like the ones in our target group. They are not wealthy but they live a rich life because they’ve decided to expect more – from life and from their savings. Their stories will inspire you to expect more from your life and your money.

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